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Three Security Features to Safeguard Your ID Card from Threats

There are various types of card-type documents in life, such as common ID cards, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, student ID cards, membership cards, disabled cards, military cards, employee cards, etc. While these documents bring convenience to our lives, they also present potential risks.

Various PVC id cards with personalized information printing

Some criminals use illegal ways to create fake documents and steal the personal data of cards. These actions have caused great losses to individuals and the country. Moreover, this type of document forgery is also against national laws and must be severely cracked down on.

Currently, document fraud has become a global challenge, it is a global problem affecting a wide range of industries. The proliferation of various counterfeiting activities in the market has also promoted the continuous change of anti-counterfeiting technology to a certain extent.

Today we’ll take a look at three different types of security features available for ID cards to protect your cards from counterfeiters.

Adding holograms to ID cards to help improve security

Many organizations and businesses choose to enhance the security of their ID cards by adding holograms to their ID cards and badges. Because ID cards with holograms are difficult to counterfeit or copy, they provide a high level of security against the threat of fraud or theft by forgers.

holographic id cards with advanced security features

Suzhou Image Technology offers a variety of advanced security features and one-stop ID card security solutions to protect your cards from counterfeit attacks. Many of our overt, covert, and forensic security features can be combined for maximum effectiveness. Click the benefits of using holograms on ID cards for more details.

Currently, our company has provided solutions to various organizations, including groups, police departments, social security offices, government agencies, enterprises, schools, etc., who all rely on SZIMAGE’s ID card security solutions to prevent fraud.

Foil stamping

Hot stamping elements are commonly found on visas and ID cards and are available on a variety of PVC and PETG substrates. The entire hot stamping process requires a hot stamping machine and professional technicians with card knowledge. Therefore, stamping foil is another reliable solution for ID card security.

The application of hot stamping foil technology is most perfect example on credit and debit cards, and they also have holograms printed on them.

credit card

Suzhou Image’s holographic registered hot stamping foil creates metallic gloss and extra visual appeal for card printing that can increase attraction and value for your cards solely based on their appearance.

In addition to the incredible visual effect, once stamped, the foil is non-transferable and becomes a permanent part of the ID card. This is also a very effective anti-counterfeiting solution for all types of cards. The stamping foil can be customized to your own design and shape. It is for your use only and not for anyone else.

Security Printing Technologies

Security printing technology is widely used in ID cards, visas, and passports. Mainly including watermark, UV, optically variable ink, and fluorescent printing.

security id cards with UV printing

These high-security printing technologies work well with IMAGE security features to provide your documents with maximum protection. They are easy to verify but difficult to copy and can be used on a variety of card or document substrates such as security paper, watermark paper, Teslin, PVC, PC, PETG, and more.

No technology can 100% prevent counterfeiting, but we can combine a variety of anti-counterfeiting methods to raise the threshold for counterfeiting and deter counterfeiters. If you have any questions about card-type documents, please contact our sales team.


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