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Hologram Heat Transfer Film for Passports Protection

The passport is a kind of paper material book-type document. It plays a vital role in controlling immigration flows and national internal security. However, some lawbreakers create fake passports through illegal channels, which seriously threatens the security of individuals and the country.

Faced with this situation, the government and authorities need a highly secure solution to ensure that passports are fully protected.

Suzhou Image Technology has been engaged in the field of document security for more than 20 years. We have developed hologram heat transfer films that can be laminated with the passport data page and protect personal data from tampering and counterfeiting.

hologram transfer film for protection of paper based passport data pages

Book Type Hologram Thermal Transfer Overlay Introduction

Application: This hologram thermal transfer overlay is generally used for visa information record pages on book certificates, like Passport, etc.

Certify Organization: regional public security organization of exit and entry management network

Feature: After laminating, the substrate film is peeled off from the paper documents, only leaving a transparent security pattern layer on passports, which also has a strong personal information anti-tampering function

Product Spec: Finished products in roll packaging, 400pcs per roll

Equipment: Special book certificate heat laminator.

How to Use the Hologram Heat Transfer Overlay On Passports?

The operation requires a special certificate lamination machine. First, open the page with personal information manually (public security organization of some countries and regions has auto machine to open the individual pages).

And then, put documents into the hot-pressing transmission equipment, so the hologram heat transfer overlay and individual pages of paper passports laminate together. Finally, then peel off the raw clear film. Finished from a single sheet of protective film.

Should you any interested in more holographic overlay applications, please feel free to contact us! Our company is very professional in the security of identity documents and cooperates with many government projects.


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