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Hologram Heat Transfer Overlay

The transparent security film with separation and transfer functions can be used for various book type and card type certificates, effectively protecting personalized data from tampering. 

21um holographic transfer film, protect your PVC ID cards security

Holographic Transfer Film Features

Featured Hologram Heat Transfer Film

Suzhou Image Technology offers card type and book type hologram transfer film to protect your identity cards, driver’s license, passports and other identification documents from tampering and fraud.

ID Card Hologram Heat Transfer Film

Edge-to-edge lamination with an id card, the finished card has a seamless visual effect. The security layer is transferred to the card surface to protect personalized information.

Book Type Hologram Transfer Overlay

After the personalized information is printed, transfer the optical image to the book type document (like passports) to protect personal information from forgeries.

Powerful Security Features to Secure Your Identities

Multiple high security features embedded into the hologram transfer overlay to make your id credentials extremely difficult to copy.


Ultraviolet Ink (UV)

UV ink is a widely used security feature on id cards. It's invisible to the naked eye and can only be seen under a UV light.

surface applied patch film for id card with 3D dynamic guilloche

Dynamic Guilloche

Guilloche is 0.3mm~0.1mm width thin line with 3D dynamic effect. It cannot be reproduced with a copier, and difficult to counterfeit.

embedded security id card with optical diffraction tech

Optical Diffraction

The image will present stable color changes between red and green under high inclined angles. It's commonly used in documents security projects.

Hologram Transfer Overlay Applications

The hologram transfer overlay is applicable to any card and book type documents that that requires high-security protection to protect personalized data from counterfeiting and tampering.

Professional Optical Transfer Overlay Supplier

Our company has rich experience in the R&D and application of optical transfer overlays to protect various identities, travel documents and other documents. The professional design team provides you with a complete solution that combines customized holograms with advanced security features.

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