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Four Ways to Prevent Holographic Labels from Being Counterfeited.

Counterfeiting is one of the biggest threats faced by brand owners, threatening profits, corporate reputation, and, potentially, customer safety and loyalty. Moreover, fake products also pose health and safety risks to consumers.

To solve the problem of counterfeiting, and protect the rights of brand owners and consumers. Some brand products, especially top-brand start to use hologram labels on the packaging. Because they can help brands keep up with and combat more and more complex counterfeiters.

custom hologram label for brand packaging application

What should you do if you find that the holographic label on brand packaging is counterfeit?

First, you need to find the counterfeit products and labels, hand the anti counterfeiting label to the manufacturer for verification, and clarify the source.

If the fake hologram label and the real label are produced by the same anti-counterfeiting company, the brand owner can claim losses from the counterfeit company.

If it is faked by a competitor in the same industry, then you can communicate with the anti-counterfeiting company to upgrade security solutions and increase the difficulty of counterfeiting.

For example, integrating different optical technologies into the holographic sticker design, holograms connecting with a traceability authentication system, and sophisticated holograms with special visual effects can offer extra security.

holographic labels with multiple anti-counterfeiting elements to enhance the level of security

In fact, before encountering this kind of problem, we should take precautions before it happens, and try our best to put an end to such things from happening.

There are four ways to prevent holographic labels from being counterfeited.

First, the design of hologram labels is mainly concentrated on three aspects, with the characteristics of easy identification, difficulty to imitate, and clear patterns. This increases the threshold for counterfeiting and makes it easier for consumers to identify.

Second, choose a reliable holographic label supplier. If the selected manufacturers are not formal and the qualification review is not strict, there will be the possibility that the same anti-counterfeiting label will be sold to multiple companies, so the anti-counterfeiting sticker also loses its meaning and is risky to the company.

The manufacturer should be a properly registered company with good credibility, this step would give you much-needed peace of mind.

qualification certificate(IHMA, ISO 9001 and ISO 27001)

Suzhou Image Company is an IHMA (International Hologram Manufacturers Association) member, owning more than 20 intellectual property in the related technical field. We strictly adhere to ISO9001, a quality management system, and ISO27001, an information security system. which helps us to win more brand projects and governmental orders.

Third, add personalized elements to the label. The hologram sticker can carry the logo of the company, name, brand message, or any other design by using holography.

Forth, a combination of QR code traceability systems to help customers check the authenticity of products, and publicize the basic knowledge of identifying the authenticity of products to consumers.

As an anti-counterfeiting company, Suzhou Image Technology is also a consumer. We expect relevant departments to improve legal provisions, improve industry systems, reduce regulatory blind spots, and make hologram labels a powerful anti-counterfeiting tool.


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