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Everything You Need to Know About RFID Windshield Labels

The full name of RFID is radio frequency identification. It is a non-contact automatic identification technology that mainly uses radio frequency signals to automatically identify target objects and obtain relevant data.

The application of RFID technology enables quick identification and management of passing vehicles through remote information collection and processing of vehicles.

At present, RFID technology has been widely used in hologram vehicle windshield labels, which can track moving vehicles without GPS positioning and achieve safe management of vehicles.

UHF RFID windshield labels with hologram technology

This blog post will give you the ultimate guide to understanding what they are, how they work, their benefits and applications, and how to choose high-quality RFID windshield labels.

What is an RFID windshield label?

The RFID windshield label is a smart tag that uses radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to achieve remote identification and monitoring of vehicles.

It can be attached to the vehicle windshield and communicate with the reader through ultra-high frequency (UHF) signals to achieve vehicle identification, location tracking, data collection, and other functions.

In addition, it is also widely used in parking lots and electronic toll management, which is both convenient and efficient.

Currently, most UHF windshield labels in use are made of plastic PET and paper materials. Labels can be printed with custom logos, text, and a variety of QR codes, serial codes, and registration numbers that can be read by machines and humans.

hologram vehicle RFID windshield stickers for identification and tracking

Summary of vehicle windshield RFID label features:

Ultra-high frequency (UHF) tags.

Reading and writing operations can be performed within a distance of 1 meter to 10 meters, without being limited by vehicle speed, and there is no missed reading.

No need for GPS positioning, the tracking management is achieved through RFID radio frequency technology.

Resistant to harsh environments: Combining holographic and RFID chip technology, it is waterproof, dustproof, high temperature resistant, UV resistant, and aging resistant.

Anti-transfer: RFID labels are tightly attached to the car windshield. If you try to transfer it to another vehicle, it will be damaged.

​How do RFID windshield stickers work?

RFID windshield stickers mainly consist of RFID readers, antennas, and RFID labels (or radio frequency cards). Its working principle is mainly based on radio frequency technology and wireless communication technology.

The workflow is as follows:

1. The RFID car windshield sticker gives each vehicle a unique ID.

2. Vehicle-related information such as name, model, owner, various insurances, annual inspections, etc. will be associated with the corresponding ID number and then stored in the database.

3. After the vehicle passes the RFID reading and writing device, the data stored in the RFID identification sticker will be collected.

4. The data is processed and transmitted to the computer, thereby achieving a series of precise management of vehicles from identification, and tracking to tolling management.

Benefits of using RFID identification labels.

RFID identification labels are widely used in the field of motor vehicle management. It has obvious advantages over traditional traffic management techniques.


Security is critical to individuals, businesses, organizations, and government agencies. The application of RFID identification labels can maximize the security of various systems.

Taking large-scale events as an example, RFID combined with vehicle access control systems can prevent unauthorized personnel from entering specific event venues and help maintain the safety of venues.

Government agencies can use RFID tags to identify vehicle information, regularly validate vehicle annual inspections, insurance, and registration information, reduce traffic accidents, and prevent car thefts. It also protects the government’s tax revenue of vehicles.

Several holographic and security printing features are embedded in RFID identification labels to enhance security and prevent any possibility of tampering. Holographic images make labels look beautiful, shiny, and attractive with rich 3D dynamic color changes.

Holographic RFID windshield sticker for vehicle identification and registration

Efficient and convenient

The biggest benefit of using RFID windshield tags is convenience. RFID technology can read tags in a non-contact manner to automatically open doors, saving labor costs and making management more efficient.

Likewise, at the time of toll collection, all vehicles can be correctly counted and tolls collected efficiently. This will help improve the efficiency of highway toll collection and alleviate traffic congestion. ​

Applications of UHF RFID windshield tags

UHF RFID windshield tags with holographic technology are non-transferable and highly secure. The tag uses tamper-proof materials, combined with various optical components and security printing features, and is widely used in various remote tracking, parking management, access control, law enforcement management, and other fields.

RFID chip for remote tracking

Since there is an RFID tag attached to the car windshield, when the vehicle enters the RFID reading range, the information on the tag will be read recorded, and sent to the server.

The vehicle location can be tracked through the read data. This is very helpful in tracking stolen vehicles.

Law enforcement management

In recent years, thanks to the application of RFID technology, the number of vehicle thefts has been well controlled.

Although criminals will change license plate numbers to avoid detection of stolen vehicles, RFID technology can provide accurate location information, making it easier for police to find stolen vehicles.

Efficient parking space management

Many parking lots use RFID tags to monitor parking space usage in real-time. Provide timely feedback on the remaining parking spaces in the parking lot to prevent parking lot congestion and implement efficient automatic parking management.

UHF RFID windshield tags for access control system

Access control for various events

Access control is one of the popular applications of RFID technology. It can be used in residential areas, government agencies, factories, and other places to provide fast and accurate vehicle identification and management.

It can prevent unauthorized personnel and vehicles from entering specific areas of the site and maintain site security.

In addition to the above applications, RFID windshield labels are also used in toll collection, fleet management, and even public transportation.

The application of RFID technology in the automotive field has been very mature, and we believe that more smart applications will be opened in the future.

Where to buy vehicle UHF RFID car windshield sticker?

Many companies produce this type of vehicle UHF RFID car windshield stickers, and you can order them online or offline. However, it is always better to choose a company with good qualifications and reputation, such as Suzhou Image Technology.

Suzhou Image has very rich experience in vehicle solutions for identification and registration, they have served many large-scale projects, such as national ID cards, driver’s licenses, the 2023 Pan American Games, the 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games, etc.

Pakistani OGRA Vehicle Windshield Labels

For the RFID windshield project, they used tamper-resistant materials, embedded with various covert security features and security printing technology. Moreover, the labels can be used under outdoor conditions, ensuring high-quality production, and giving you peace of mind.


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