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Self-Adhesive Label Types for the Personal Care Industry

In recent years, label products have penetrated all aspects of people’s work and life. In China’s label market, self-adhesive labels occupy a dominant position, with an annual growth rate of about 20%, and the personal care and beauty industry is the largest market for self-adhesive products. Here we will introduce three widely used self-adhesive stickers.

Self-adhesive Stickers with Anti-Counterfeiting Feature

Among the many self-adhesive labels, one of them is anti counterfeit labels. They are made from a high-resolution hologram master origination system.

hologram anti counterfeit stickers for cosmetic packaging boxes

If the counterfeiters cannot get the original master, they cannot produce a hologram like the original one. So they are also called holographic stickers, generally used for product protection and authentication.

Nowadays, more and more counterfeit products of branded personal care and cosmetics find their way to marketplaces, websites, social media, and retail stores.

Counterfeit makeup looks nearly identical to the name brands, but they contain benign, lesser-quality ingredients than the name-brand items. At worst, they have been tested to contain dangerous chemicals and harmful bacteria detrimental to the health and safety of the consumer.

Many top brand cosmetics start affixing adhesive hologram stickers to brand packaging to protect their brand’s reputation, protect themselves from financial losses, and protect their loyal customers from counterfeiters.

Holographic labels for personal care and beauty products with QR code authentication system

Moreover, it is also possible to print a QR code on the adhesive hologram label, combined with the traceability query system, and then trace product production information and authenticity query functions.

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No-Label Look

The “No-Labe look” of the packaging of daily personal care products is a trend in the production and supply of daily chemicals. In short, the self-adhesive label is not visible on the appearance, so consumers can see the completely clean product through the transparent bottle when buying.

no-Labe look of the packaging of daily personal care products

Transparent No-Label Look has been used in various shampoos, shower gels, and skincare products. Compared with direct printing labels or in-mold labels, they have advantages in printing fineness or production cost and have huge development potential.

Double Sides Self-adhesive Labels

A double-sided label refers to a type of self-adhesive paper label with corresponding graphics and text printed on both sides of the self-adhesive paper, and the effect of the graphic information on the label is presented from both sides of the bottle.

Double Sides Self-adhesive Labels

The front side of the label is the shampoo description, and the back side is the corresponding flower pattern. Not only can you directly feel the texture and color of the shampoo in the bottle, but you can also see the flower pattern on the double-sided label and the text on the transparent label.

Together, they form a very eye-catching product packaging effect, which attracts more users’ desire to buy.

Personal care and beauty products have a unique sales and use environment, which not only requires the daily personal care label to have specific functions to meet the packaging effect, but also requires stable physical and chemical properties such as water resistance, moisture resistance, extrusion resistance, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, and corrosion resistance.

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