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Anti Counterfeit Labels

Advanced optical anti-counterfeiting technology protects brands and products from counterfeiting.

Anti-counterfeit labels with shiny appearance and multiple security elements

Anti counterfeiting labels are used to verify product authenticity and prevent counterfeiting. With the continuous emergence of counterfeit products, its importance has become increasingly apparent.

Suzhou IMAGE has a practiced R&D team, exquisite production technology, and advanced facilities to provide reliable and secure brand protection solutions. Multiple security levels are available to meet different requirements. In addition, we also provide professional customization services to ensure that your hologram anti fake sticker is perfectly integrated with your brand image.

Benefits of Anticounterfeit Labels

IMAGE holographic anti counterfeit stickers are produced using advanced micro-nano optical technology. These labels are customizable, easy to identify, and difficult to copy, making them effective for maintaining brand security.

attractive custom anticounterfeit label

Securing Your Brands with Our Anti-counterfeit Stickers

Suzhou IMAGE’s anti-counterfeit stickers can be combined with a variety of processes to adapt to different requirements. These stickers are made of special tamper-evident material that leaves clear evidence of tampering once removed.

In addition, QR codes, serial numbers, and barcodes can be printed on the anti fake sticker for verification and tracking capabilities.

Anti Counterfeit Stickers with QR Codes

Holographic anti fake labels with unique serial numbers

Anti Fake Labels with Serial Numbers

hologram anti counterfeit void sticker

Anti Counterfeit Void Sticker

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Anti Counterfeiting Labels with Multiple Security Features

Typically, comprehensive anti-counterfeiting methods are used on labels to make counterfeiting more difficult and deter counterfeiters. Suzhou IMAGE mainly adopts adopts a combination of overt and covert anti-counterfeiting methods.

anti-counterfeit sticker with butterfly shadow light change technology

Overt measures that are visible to the naked eye include holograms, unique brand logos, or special ink features (such as thermochromic inks).

Covert measures are more secure, because they are hidden features that are not immediately visible to the naked eye. Covert features include UV ink, holographic microtext, pixel characters, and more.

Application of Anti Fake Labels

The following are anti-counterfeiting solutions provided by Suzhou IMAGE for different industries. In the future, with the continuous advancement of technology, anti-counterfeit labels will be more widely used in multiple industries, providing more scientific and efficient technical support for product authenticity identification.

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Mask Packaging

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