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De-metalized Security Thread

Suzhou Image has always specialized in producing high-quality de-aluminized security thread with a width of less than 1mm. In a specific light, it appears rainbow changes. Under 80 times magnifying glasses, you can observe the nano-level micro text. Therefore, it’s a great solution that integrates beautiful and security anti-counterfeiting technology.

Additional information


36um PET


0.7mm to 1mm, accept customize


General/customize logo






ISO9001, ISO27001, IHMA, MSDS


According to data research, more and more brands are now focusing on brand safety, and more than 80% of the top brand has used this high-precision de-metalized anti-counterfeiting thread on their woven labels. The whole process only needs a special braiding machine.

As a professional security thread supplier, our company provides dealuminated optical thread in various specifications and patterns to meet different industries’ applications.

woven clothing label with 0.7mm security thread

The unique optical design can present dynamic color changes, thereby attracting customers’ attention, allowing customers to quickly identify the brand itself and enhancing the brand image.

de-metalized optical thread with IMAGE logo

holographic pet tear tape with customized plastic cores



Material PET
Film thickness 36um/customize
Color Customized
Pattern Available to be embedded with your logo
Glue type Non-sticky
Width 0.7mm to 1mm



Visual appealing

Length of roll 2000m or customize
Application Clothing, shoes, hats, bags, home textiles, and other woven labels
Certificates ISO9001, ISO27001, IHMA, MSDS
Samples Available

Security features

The high-precision slitting process combined with highly complex optical elements to create different verification levels. Compared with ordinary threads, it has the following advantages.

anti-counterfeiting thread advantages (2) micro text printed in the holographic security thread security thread with high temperature resistance


De-metalized security threads are available in a variety of sizes, logos, and texts to meet the requirements of different industries. We can weave it into woven labels of clothing, hats, and shoes to protect and enhance the brand.

optical security thread applications

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