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Gold Metalized Tear Tape

Gold holographic tear tape can be used in outer boxes/bags of various items to protect your products from counterfeiting and is easy to unpack. Coated with a hot melt adhesive, it has good initial tack, excellent shear resistance, and very strong final adhesion.

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1.5mm to 8mm, accept customize


General/customize logo


Easy opening & Anti-counterfeit




ISO9001, ISO27001, IHMA, MSDS


Our aluminum gold tear tapes come in various widths and designs for flexible applications. The hologram image is imprinted on the base film to protect the brand owner’s products from counterfeiting. In addition, its use provides customers with easy-to-open solutions.

3mm gold hologram tear tape for packaging boxes

gold line tear tape

3mm gold holographic tear tape


Material BOPP/PET
Film thickness 30/35/36um/customize
Color Gold or customized
Pattern Available to be embedded with your logo
Glue type Single-side hot melt
Width 1.5mm to 8mm



Easy opening

Visual appealing

Length of roll 5000m or customize
Application Tobacco, medicine, foodstuff, CD audio/video cassette, etc
Certificates ISO9001, ISO27001, IHMA, MSDS
Samples Available

Security features

This gold line tear tape can locate the required information and use a variety of holographic technologies to protect the safety of products and brands. The holographic technologies we provide that can be applied to pack tear tapes are as follows:

high security features that help your products combat counterfeiting (1) high security features that help your products combat counterfeiting (3) high security features that help your products combat counterfeiting (4)


Gold metalized tear tapes are applicable to various packaging industries, including tobacco, medicine, foodstuff, and CD audio/video cassette for anti-counterfeiting, brand advertising and easy opening purposes.

tear tapes are widely applicable to all types of packaging products

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