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The Most Complete Security Tear Tape Option for Package

The core of the product is the user, and the application of security tear tape can provide easy-to-open solutions for various sealed package products, thereby improving the user experience.

And these tear tapes are produced by advanced hologram technologies, which have a strong anti-counterfeiting function and protect customers’ products from counterfeiting.

security tear tapes with easy opening and anti-counterfeiting features

According to requirements, some specific optical patterns can be printed on BOPP film or PET film (the base film used to produce security tear tapes through our embossing equipment. Finally, they can be cut into different widths to meet different application requirements.

Suzhou Image Laser is a reliable tear tape manufacturer in China, which has committed to production for over ten decades, our company can provide various types of security tear tapes according to the requirements of each customer.

From the material point of view, we have PET and BOPP. In terms of color, we have golden, transparent, and silver colors. In terms of usage: we have applications in different fields, such as cigarettes, tea, medicine, food, beauty products, and so on.

tear tapes are widely applicable to all types of packaging products

From the design point of view, we also produce different edge tear tapes, including smooth lines, wavy lines, and others. Seeing the following pictures.

different edge tear tapes

Based on specifications, the width varies from 1mm to 5mm, the common ones are 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm. We can customize it according to customer requirements. The smaller the width requirement, the more difficult it is to make, and of course the more difficult it is to forge.

See the following parameters:

Slit widthRoll LengthsCore Diameter
CustomizedCustomizedAccept customize

Since users usually need to place certain graphics and text on the security tear tape, some are customized, and some are general textures. The narrower the width, the higher the requirements for the graphic or character clearly engraved


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