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The Versatility of Suzhou Image Optical Security Tear Tape

The optical tear tape made by Suzhou Image is widely applied to the outer package of cigarettes, tea, cosmetics & pharmaceuticals for easy opening, brand security & promotion. Among them, the application of tobacco packing accounts for more than 80%.

various optical security tear tapes protect brand packaging

According to statistics, one out of every ten cigarettes worldwide is illegal. Suzhou Image’s cigarette brand solutions aim to combat counterfeiting and illicit trade, enhance public safety, and ensure government tax revenue.

\Its unique visual security technology allows consumers to quickly identify counterfeit cigarettes by sight, effectively preventing health hazards. The invisible anti-counterfeiting technology further enhances the verification of product authenticity.

To cater to market requirements, our company developed all types of security tear tapes for cigarette brands and other industry applications around the world. They can be customized with various materials, colors, specifications & security features.

The Main Types of Optical Tear Tapes

Based on materials, they can be divided into BOPP, MOPP, and PET tear tape. Based on colors, gold, silver, and transparent tear tape.

Based on specifications:

Slit widthRoll LengthsCore Diameter
CustomizedCustomizedAccept customize

In addition to this, we also produce different edge tear tapes, including smooth lines, wavy lines, and others. Seeing the following pictures.

tear tapes with wavy edge and straight edge slitting

How to Use Security Tear Tape to Combat Counterfeiting?

To enhance security, various information (such as brand logos, names, and graphics) can be printed on the tear tape material to protect and promote the brand. Therefore, its use can greatly protect the brand owner’s products from counterfeiting.

1, Overt security features that are easy to recognize by the naked eye.

security tear tapes with overt and covert optical features

2, Covert security features that are viewed by special tools & angles.

Such as Holographic Grating, UV Ink & Micro text.

3, Forensic features that require specialized technicians to verify.

4, Meanwhile these holograms can be combined with de-metalized processing to raise their visual effect and security.

We can add those security features to enhance your brand and decorate your package.

Optical security tear tape Price?

If you are interested in our optical tear tapes, please kindly inform us of more details as follows.

MaterialSpecificationCore SizeQuantityArtwork


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