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Hologram Vehicle Registration Stickers

Windshield registration stickers are easy to recognize but difficult to imitate. It provides an excellent solution to validate vehicle registration. Holographic elements, various QR code serial codes used to link data, and Void tamper evidence materials with anti-transfer properties provide all-around protection for your vehicle registration.

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30 or 50 micron PET




Weatherproof, tamper proof protection, high security




50K pieces


ISO9001, ISO27001, IHMA


Car Windshield Registration Labels

A vehicle registration sticker consists of two parts. One part is security paper with personalized printing, and the other part is a vehicle windshield hologram sticker pasted on the back of the security paper. Car windshield registration labels are generally produced in duplicate, with one copy kept by the vehicle owners and the other kept by the motor vehicle registration center.

The windshield label with an RFID chip on the back is peeled off and attached to the inside of the vehicle’s windshield for inspectors and law enforcement officers to quickly verify the vehicle’s registration status. Determine whether the vehicle is legal on the road and whether relevant annual inspections and insurance payments have been completed.

Bolivia Windshield Security Stickers Pakistani OGRA Vehicle Windshield Labels

Material PET
Thickness 30/50 micron
Size 60mm or customize
Pattern As your requested
Surface Shiny optical colors
Feature Waterproof, weatherproof, UV resistant, etc.
Printing Laser and UV print
Other processing Embedded RFID chip
Application Vehicle windshield
Certificates ISO9001, IHMA, MSDS
Samples Available

custom size car registration label for authentication

gold car windshield registration labels with laser numbering

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