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IDENTITY WEEK, a Professional Identity Event

Identity Week Europe, the world-class exhibition for the identity authentication industry, aims to create a more secure world by implementing reliable identity technologies and solutions. Through this technology, governments and organizations can provide citizens, employees, and customers with more diversified identity authentication services.

For fourteen years, Identity Week Europe has been the industry’s unmissable event, connecting thousands of identity professionals from finance, government, retail, e-commerce, healthcare, and travel to social media.

identity week, the world's most trusted identity event

Here, industry elites come together to discuss and forge solutions to some of the biggest issues facing our world today and explore the latest developments in identity technology.

As the world’s largest and most important identity exhibition, key areas of focus include digital ID, biometric technology, and information security.

About Suzhou Image Technology Company

Suzhou Image Technology Co., Ltd, is one of China’s leading identity security solutions suppliers. Based in the eastern Chinese city of Suzhou, the company integrates its advanced optical security technology to provide complete solutions for card manufacturers, card system software integrators, and traders.

Trusted in more than 50 countries and regions all over the world, our solutions and products include national ID cards, driver’s licenses, passports, visas, and the Olympic Games, etc. 

Suzhou Image’s c.e.o., Hu Zuyuan has been engaged in the field of optical anti-counterfeiting technology for more than 30 years, has vast expertise in the area of optical security, and has presided over or participated in dozens of national, provincial, and ministerial-level science and technology projects.

IMAGE TECHNOLOGY’s Exhibition Information

Booth Number: 394

Address: RAI Exhibition Centre, Amsterdam 

Date: 11-12 JUNE 2024 

welcome to visit IMAGE's stand 394 at Identity Week Europe

SUZHOU IMAGE’S Exhibited Products

Seamless Transfer Overlay

It is also called an ID card transfer overlay. A specialized laminator is used to heat the printed PVC card and transfer the clear optical security layer to the PVC card.

id card seamless transfer overlays with custom designs

The transfer overlay can 100% cover the entire ID card, giving it a better appearance. It is mostly used for personal identity documents, entry and exit permit documents, and other security identity documents.

Embedded Hologram Overlay

The optical structure is embedded in the card body to protect all personal data from tampering and is suitable for the mass production of cards. Some national ID cards and driving licenses mostly use this embedded laminate overlay.

Optical Patch Laminate

embedded hologram laminate overlay with hollow metal logo

Pre-cut PET film with optical security design. It’s hard to peel film off, card surface with high anti-resistance feature to prevent card printing information from tampering. Widely used for ID cards, driving licenses, social security cards, etc. Make the card more durable and also prevent personal information from tampering.  

Book Type Transfer Overlay

book type optical heat transfer film

Put the book into the hot-pressing transmission equipment, so the book type transfer film and book certificate individual page laminate together, then peel off the raw clear film. Finished from a single sheet of protective film. After laminating, which has a strong personal information anti-tampering function. Often used on visa information record pages on book certificates, like Passport, etc.

Lamination Pouches

hologram heat lamination pouches for 2023 Central American and Caribbean Games projects

The hologram heat lamination pouch has colorful dynamic effects, high transparency, and is waterproof. They can be combined with anti-counterfeiting inks and laser engraving to increase the level of anti-counterfeiting. Widely used in ID cards, conference passes, representative cards, interview cards, duty passes, permits, business licenses, etc.

High-Temperature Resistant Foil

High-temperature stamping foil is suitable for sensitive documents, certificates, and ID cards. After positioning hot stamping, these documents need to be printed with personal data. IMAGE’s high temperature-resistant foil can withstand high temperatures of 220° during the laser printing process, and the hot stamping effect is excellent.

We hereby sincerely invite you and your company representatives to visit our booth and discuss the security solutions for protecting identity documents. Welcome to contact us for more information.


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