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Six Proven Hologram Solutions Combat Identity Document Fraud

There are many types of Identity documents, including ID cards, driving licenses, passports, travel ID documents (visa pages), etc. They are extremely important identification documents. ID documents contain a lot of sensitive personal information, such as name, date of birth, and photo, which must be secured.

As an advanced and high-security technology, holograms play an important role in combating counterfeit documents and ID fraud.

Identity Documents with Advanced Hologram Technologies

Suzhou Image is a technology-based enterprise specializing in the development and application of holographic security solutions. At present, our company’s products have been widely used in the fields of security documents, identity documents, and brand protection. Today we will introduce in detail the six major security solutions on various paper and card-type documents.

Hologram Laminating Pouches for Paper, Teslin, and Other Substrates Cards.

Laminating pouches with hologram logos is a very common lamination form. They are widely used for driver’s licenses, identification cards, and various pass documents for large activities and venues, like concerts, sports events, conferences, etc.

The more common one is the hologram laminated pouches with paper cores. National projects such as some identity documents and driver’s licenses mostly use Tesla cards as the inner core.

hologram laminated pouches with paper inner core

Our laminate pouches utilize a combination of hologram and security printing technology to improve security performance. Generally, the front-side hologram, laser engraving, UV printing, and other security features are on the backside.

Holographic Passport Film.

It’s a very thin security lamination layer which used to protect the data page of passports from tampering. The hologram overlay that is used on passports is high transparency and does not interfere with reading personal data and machine-readable code.

Prepare the book-type passports and overlays with optical effects, then put them into special lamination equipment. After lamination, there will be an optical protection coating covered on the passport data pages. Any attempt to alter is obvious due to thin surface coatings.

hologram transfer film for protection of paper based passport data pages

Holographic passports offer a great way to prevent counterfeiting and help authenticate genuine documents. At present, our company provides roll and sheet formats for manual and machine applications.

Holographic Thermal Transfer Laminate for CR80 ID Card.

Holographic heat transfer laminate also known as transfer overlay is an ultra-secure edge-to-edge transfer film designed to provide superior protection to cr80 cards against tampering and counterfeiting.

It is supplied in reel form and matched with a special laminator to do lamination. After lamination, the card surface has no base film and the appearance is better. Widely used for standard-size PVC credentials, it’s a regular form for foreign driving licenses and personal certificates.

Embedded Laminate Overlay for Card-type Certificates

Card-type certificates are often worn during use and personalized information is easily tampered with. The embedded laminated film has high-security features, which are applied during the card lamination process.

After lamination, the security information is in the card body, difficult to tamper. Only card manufacturers can use this embedded laminate film. Mostly used type for national ID cards.

embedded overlay with glue for PVC and PETG cards

In addition, this kind of laminated anti-counterfeiting film is generally used partially on the surface of the card body, and it is easy to fall off when used in a large area.

Holographic Patch Overlaminate for ID Security

The holographic patch overlaminate design has two layers, a 0.6 mil pre-cut patch and lined on a 50-micron base film. Since the surface of the card has a film, it has a strong anti-scratch function. The entire lamination process is simple, just use a special laminator to position and heat the security cover layer on the surface of the printed PVC card.

0.6 mil holographic patch overlaminate for CR80 card

Different from the transfer film, there will be a 1-2mm step on both sides of the film and the card, and the aesthetics may not be as good as the ID card transfer film.

Register Security Hot Stamping Foil for Paper Visa Pages Protection

Different from ordinary hot stamping foil, it is a high-temperature-resistant security hot stamping foil that can withstand high temperatures of 220℃. They are widely used on sensitive documents, certificates, and passport visa pages to prevent forgery.

Additionally, the security foil supports laser printing. After hot stamping, the personal data needs laser printing to complete the printing of personalized information. Ordinary hot stamping foil will affect the optical pattern on the foil during laser printing.

If you have any questions about identity document security, please contact our sales representative, they will give you tailored solutions.


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