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Laptop Nameplate Label

This nameplate label is specially designed for laptops (notebook PC), combined with an optical microstructure design, is highly decorative, dynamic, color, metallic, and high anti-counterfeiting effect.

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50um-200um PET


3M high-strength glue


Metal texture, anti-fake, strong weather resistance, and friction resistance






This notebook computer nameplate label adopts micro-nano structure color-changing technology to create visual relief, ambient light, dazzling and other perceptions. Through micro-nano texture processing, to make the nameplate logo label is completely integrated into the product itself, and it also brings a new cool feeling to the brand.

Electronic product (computer) nameplate label



Material 50um-200um PET
Size Customized
Color Colorful
OEM Accept
Glue type 3M high-strength glue
Feature Metal texture

3D, dynamic & color


Application Notebook PC
Supply form On sheet/in roll
Certificates ISO9001, IHMA
Samples Available


It’s different from a normal PET label, the computer nameplate label has five breakthroughs, can present a unique nameplate texture, and add brand value.

compared with normal PET label, the feature of the laptop nameplate label



Precision luxury nameplate labels used on laptop computer A accessories present cool and attractive 3D relief effects, and are well combined with the style of the product itself. It can show unique color changes and dynamic effects from different viewing angles.

In addition to notebook PC, they are also suitable for mobile phones, pens and other consumer electronics, automobiles, household appliances, high-end precious wines, and cosmetics, clothing, hats, luggage, golf products, etc.

micro-nano texture nameplate labels for different industry application

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