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IMAGE Holographic Laminating Pouches for the 2023 Pan American Games

In 2023, Suzhou Image won the holographic laminating pouches pass documents project for the 19th Pan American Games, providing a powerful guarantee for the smooth progress of the events.

IMAGE holographic laminating pouches solutions for the 19th Pan American Games

The Pan American Games is a large-scale comprehensive sports event in North, Central, and South America. Founded in 1951, they are held every four years and have been held 18 times so far.

As one of the three major international comprehensive sports events in the world, the Pan American Games is second only to the Olympic Summer Games and the Asian Games. It is the largest comprehensive sports meeting in the Americas.

As such an important sports event, personal information and venue security issues are of paramount importance. Today I will take you to learn more about the overall holographic laminating pouches solution for the 2023 Pan American Games!

As we all know, large-scale events like this must wear special passes to prevent unauthorized persons from entering the venue and causing unsafe factors to the venue. Ordinary pass documents are easy to forge and are not safe.

Hologram laminating pouches laminate the pass document that is printed with personalized information with the pouch together. After the pass document is inserted into the plastic pouch, it is strong and not easy to crack.

It has the advantages of being waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-fading, anti-tampering, and easy to store for a long time. Moreover, the security laminate pouch has good transparency and will not affect the identification and reading of personal information.

Hologram heat lamination pouches used for the 19th Pan American Games combine overt and covert anti-counterfeiting technologies. The flying eagle pattern designs a relief effect on the front of the pouch, and the pattern has an obvious three-dimensional color effect.

The hidden anti-counterfeiting technology – “micro graphics” is designed at the bottom, which is the “★” pixel characters and the text “SANTIAGO 2023”.

hologram lamination pouches with micro text security features

The back of laminating pouches also adopts overt optics and covert micro text anti-counterfeiting. The optical text on the bottom is designed with a multi-color multi-angle one-dimensional grating. The text has a random color change effect.

Nano-scale optical anti-counterfeiting technology is not only difficult to duplicate but also has a high level of visual aesthetic effect. It can further enhance the anti-counterfeiting strength of the pass document when combined with hidden micro-graphics and text.

In addition to adopting comprehensive security features on the front and back sides of the holographic pouch, this event designs custom holographic stickers on the inner pages to achieve multiple anti-counterfeiting effects.

Inner pages are affixed with custom holographic stickers for multiple security

As a large-scale comprehensive sports event, the holographic laminating pouch should be easy to identify, difficult to copy, and beautiful. Achieve overall security protection while satisfying the organizer’s requirements.

Large-scale event sites need to deal with various emergencies. When the power network and so on are congested and paralyzed, the optical anti-counterfeiting inspection method can still cope with security inspections.

Suzhou Image has focused on the field of micro-nano optical anti-counterfeiting for more than 20 years and has successively undertaken anti-counterfeiting projects for dozens of large-scale events at home and abroad.

Professional R&D and design team, advanced production facility, and practiced engineers, which enable us to provide highly efficient anti-counterfeiting solutions for projects with different needs in various industries.


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