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Advantages of High Precision Nameplate Logo Labels

As one of the new products of Suzhou Image Technology, the high precision nameplate label has developed many different styles of samples for different industries and applications. Precision refers to high precision, exquisite, fine, and artful; luxury refers to elegance and generosity.

The high precision nameplate logo label is to combine minimalist design elements and multiple textures to create a simple and elegant nameplate texture.

nameplate logo labels for cosmetic package

The exquisiteness and generosity of high precision nameplate labels are mainly reflected in the following four aspects.

1, High-standard selection of materials 

Different from our current holographic stickers, this kind of nameplate logo label uses DuPont high-transparent optical film or other equivalent materials, and raw materials are strictly checked. 

Our requirement for the thickness of the nameplate logo label is at least 50μm so that the finished product will have a certain texture and meet the most basic requirements of high precision, flat, high transparency, and special optical texture.

compared with normal PET label, the feature of the laptop nameplate label

2, Complicated process flow

First of all, the biggest highlight of our high-precision nameplate label is the combination of micro-nano optics technology. This nano-level microstructure can show 3D, dynamic color, and other optical effects. This is also what the traditional PET LOGO and metal nameplate sticker on the market cannot achieve.

Secondly, using UV micro-nano structure for molding. Compared with the traditional hot embossing process, the UV micro-nano molding process can better achieve the optical effect of the finished product, and the stripe structure replication and transfer rate can reach 90%.

At the same time, also uses the PVD coating process, the multi-layer PVD coating process helps to reflect the texture and effect of the finished product. Compared with the traditional metalized process, the color is darker, and it can also be plated with nickel-chromium alloy, titanium oxide, etc., to improve the surface brightness of the finished product. The visual effect is clearer and more elegant.

Finally, with the automatic laser cutting process, the finished product can be made into different shapes, hollowing, and other effects. The die-cutting efficiency is high and reduces the production cost.

3, The ultimate standard of quality.

Our quality inspection from the raw material and production process to the final product is strictly implemented in accordance with the quality standard to ensure that every finished product delivered to the customer is a fine product.

laptop nameplate logo label for electronic product application

4, The refined management requirements.

The production of high-precision nameplate logo labels is implemented in accordance with the company’s ISO 9001 quality management system and ISO 27001 information security system. While ensuring the quality of products, we will do a good job of protecting customers’ products and brand information.

These are some of the characteristics of our high-precision nameplate label with optical texture, and on this basis, Image Company will continue to push out new designs and styles, update and improve our production process, and make our nameplate label products better for our customers, increase the added value of their products, and bring more value to our customers.

Later, we will introduce more and better knowledge about nameplate logo labels and will show you new designs and samples.


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