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3D Cat’s Eye Motion Label

Due to its incredible multi-layer 3D dynamic effect, when applied to products, 3D cat’s eye motion labels can enhance your brand and make it easy for end users to verify products. At the same time, the advanced Moiré imaging micro lens optical technology can deter fraudsters and protect product security.

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Web width≤400mm


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This cat’s eye pattern motion label is made by using double-sided microstructure film based on Moiré imaging technology. Its visual effect can be dynamic suspension or sinking, showing a strong three-dimensional effect of height changes. Double-layer effects can be superimposed to form a spherical visual effect. View micro optical security labels to see more 3d dynamic effects.

The color is usually a stable monochromatic system such as black, white, blue, red, etc., and it can also be used in combination with holographic effects, which has a strong visual impact.

3d micro lens 3D motion brand protection label micro optical motion label with naked eye 3d effect 30 micron micro lens 3d dynamic motion sticker micro optical motion security sticker with transparent film materials 3d motion label with dynamic rotation effect (1) 3d motion label with dynamic rotation effect (2)


Specifications of Cat’s Eye Micro Optical Motion Labels

Size Thickness Material Packing
Web width≤400mm 30μm~80μm OPP/PC/TPU On sheet or in roll


Using Advice Used as a self-adhesive label to be applied to different product packaging
Storage Environment: Ambient temperature 15oC~35oC,Humidity 45%~70%
Executive Standard GB/T4652-2002  GB/T2792-1998  GB/T4851-2014
Questions 1,Reduce the thickness of the material, and there will be slight differences in the text arrangement and size consistency of the batch finished products.

2. Usually single color, non-aluminized form.


Key Quality Index (KQI)

Array Consistency Tilt deviation±2o
Text Size Deviation ≤10%
Minimum Film Thickness 30μm

The performance index of the 3d micro optical cat’s eye motion sticker in the table is a typical value, not a guaranteed value, for reference only, the specific index shall be subject to the contract. Due to the progress of technology, the above indexes may be further improved and optimized, please consult the sales engineer for confirmation.

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