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Hang Tags with Holographic Strip

We supply hang tags with holographic strips to protect your product from duplication and create a distinct identity in numerous brands. They also help to produce attractive looks and enhance brand image.

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15/20 micron PET


Aesthetic appearance, Anti-counterfeit


Accept (Color, Size, Shape)




100K pieces


ISO9001, ISO27001, IHMA


Using hot stamping technology to apply holographic strips to paper hangtags, on the one hand, the holographic image provides a high degree of security, and on the other hand, adds a shiny 3D visual effect to the hangtag product.

security hologram solutions for hang tags

Parameter of Holographic Strip

Material 20-micron Polyester
Color Customize
Specification 9mm*500m/roll
Pattern Your logo


1) High security

2) Attractive looks

3) Can’t remove after stamping

Selling Unit Supplied in a roll form
Sample Delivered in the same day
Certificate IHMA, ISO9001, ISO27001
Industry Application Food, pharmacy, cosmetic, etc packaging, Garment hang tags, PVC Cards, Paper labels, certificates, envelopes, and so on

holographic strip, hot stamped onto hang tags


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