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Exploring the Compatibility of Holographic Overlays with Re-Transfer Printing Cards

Suzhou Image is a professional ID card solution supplier. Our company provides printed ID cards, laminating machines, printers, ribbons, and holographic overlays. Our hologram overlays are compatible with a variety of re-transfer and direct-print cards.

Combining Holographic Overlays with Retransfer Printing Cards

While standard printed cards meet basic requirements, government agencies, organizations, and businesses often choose holographic overlays to enhance the security of personal data.

In addition to providing additional security features, holographic ID overlays also have excellent wear and abrasion resistance, thereby extending the life of the card.

Some customers are concerned about the compatibility of holographic overlays with retransfer printing cards. Our dedicated research and technical team has conducted extensive research on them, and we can confirm that hologram overlays can work well with retransfer printing cards.

Retransfer technology uses heat to transfer the image to the print media, and its properties complement those of holographic security film. If you have any questions during the application process, please feel free to contact us for assistance.

re-transfer printing process

Furthermore, clients are often confused between choosing direct-to-card or re-transfer printers. Below, we delineate the differences between retransfer and direct-to-card printing for reference:

The re-transfer card printer first prints the image onto a special print film and then transfers it to the card surface. The entire operation requires a ribbon and a transparent re-print film.

The print head of the re-transfer device does not directly contact the card and has a longer service life. It is suitable for projects such as government agencies, organizations, and schools that have high requirements for card quality and security.

Retransfer technology has no restrictions on card materials and can be applied to a variety of ID card materials such as PVC, PET, and PC, and can cover 100% of the card area.

The detailed differences between re-transfer printers and direct card printers are as follows:

FeaturesRetransfer PrintingDirect-to-Card Printing
Print Head PerformancePrint heads do not directly contact cards, which has a longer service life.The additional re-print film, providing superior durability
Printing SpeedAdditional retransfer film process, relatively slower printing speedDirect printing, faster speed
Image QualityHigher-quality images produced, meeting high-resolution image quality requirementsGood image quality, fulfilling basic requirements
Card CompatibilityCompatible with various materials such as PVC, PC, PET, and allows for edge-to-edge printingLimited card material requirements, need to cover non-printable areas.
DurabilityThe additional re-print film provides superior durabilityModerate durability and wear resistance
Printer PriceRelatively higher priceModerate price
ProjectsSuitable for clients prioritizing minimal printing costs and not requiring high imaging standardsSuitable for clients demanding high printing quality and stringent security requirements
direct-to-card printer process

The above details describe the differences between retransfer and direct-to-card printing in terms of printing method, speed, image quality, card compatibility, durability, and printer price, allowing users to make an appropriate decision based on their specific requirements.

Suzhou Image has extensive experience in the field of ID cards and document security. And has been committed to the research and application of ID card holographic laminate solutions.

Our products are sold in more than 50 countries and regions around the world, covering a variety of government, public, enterprise, and education projects, such as ID cards, driver’s licenses, travel documents, election cards, school ID cards, social security cards, employee id card, etc.

We provide a full range of solutions from graphic design to after-sales service, strictly abide by the ISO9001 quality management system and ISO27001 information security system to ensure that we provide customers with high-quality products and services.


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